Micro Fur

Snapshot_014This has been by far my most favorite outfit in the last year. Literally. If you ever find me in SL Gor, I’m probably going to wear this. Let alone the body paint is to die for.  Do not ask why I haven’t posted it earlier, it definitely deserves the attention.


Hair – Lelutka - Cachet

Outfit – GSpot – Micro Fur

Let’s Go Pink

“Em?” “Yes, brain?” “You do realise you’re wearing pink silks, don’t you? And pink flowers in your hair?” “I do, brain. Why?” “Well, you never wear something that girlish and pink…” “I know, brain, but I need to show off the Hair I got plus the Flower Crown from The Arcade. The world needs to know!”



Hair – Clawtooth – Surfer Rosa (The Arcade)

Flower Crown – Boom – Nature’s Crown (The Arcade)

Outfit – May’s Soul – Fresh Fruit

Collared Thief




Hair – Lelutka – Cachet

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Outfit – The Sloven Woman – Stela Camisk

Accessory – Sweet Lies – Aysel

Bunch of Sticks


I’ve always wanted a bundle of sticks to put on – no kidding. So first that was the only reason I bought the outfit from Sweet Pea. But having put on the camisk too, it convinced me. Thumbs up!


Hair – Lelutka – Cachet

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Outfit – Sweet Pea – Absolute (25L Tuesday!)

Leather and Fur

Snapshot_007Back to Nirans Viewer for Photos. You like?


Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Necklace – Luas – Regina

Bracelets – Luas - Melitta

Outfit – Simply – Wild One ( 70L Gorean Room!)

Two Posts a Day keep the Doctor away


Snapshot_004 - Kopie


Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Top – On a Lark – Delight

Skirt – Luas -Naira Silks (50% Crazy Days Sale)

Love, Em ♥

Queen of the Woods

Snapshot_008GSpot has really good designs. Especially their Micro Fur outfit hit me. I barely ever take it off.


Hair - Lelutka - Vibrato

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Crown – GSpot – Queen of the Woods

Face Paint – Thistle Do – Palm Streak

Body Paint – Handverk – Sigi Body Paint

Outfit – GSpot – Queen of the Woods


Love, Em♥


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