25l Tuesday is celebrating it’s 1. year anniversary! What does that mean, you ask? That means ALL 25lT vendors are on one sim, which means lots and lots of shopping for us aswell as a lot of great deals. The Fall Fete starts today and ends next tuesday. There are a lot of special events going on: The Picking Flowers Scavenger Hunt, a 7seas tournament and an ongoing Photo contest aswell as a designer auction and a lot more! If you want the exact event details you can check out the 25l Tuesday Blog, that I linked to your right in the blogroll!

I went there today, and boy, it was full. I recommend taking meter, huds and scripted objects off to fight the lag there. Other than that the sim is really cool. Every 25lT vendor has it’s own stall where they show off their great outfits and a lot of them have their whole stall full of 25l offers! I was about to hyperventilate when I noticed. 2 of them are GorGurls and Impulse, I bought 3 outfits that you can check out here:

Impulse – Netted Slave in Black (Also available in other colors) -25 L

Gor Gurl – Gor gets Jumpy in Blue Brown (available in other colors) – 25L

Gor Gurl – Wenchie in Rust (available in other colors) – 25L

Check out Fall Fete here!

Love, Em ♥