I tend to roam through my inventory lately to find new outfit combinations or get more freebies as I try not to spend too many lindens anymore. I didnt fail.. yet.

Here’s one of the outfits I came up with:

For some reason Im not really into cloaks anymore. Even tho it’s unrealistic, I know I know. But I didnt find any nice cloak in Gor shops that doesnt look over sized or just down right weird. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me but here a help call to all gorean fashion designers: HELP! LACK OF CLOAKS! WE’LL ALL FREEZE!


Camisk – Torvis Weapons – Naughty Kajira Rocks (Midnight Mania!)

Boots – May’s Soul – part of former hunt gift

Scarf – Noirilicious – Knit cape  (gift underneath christmas tree)

Socks – May’s Soul – tender for winter

Belt/Bag – Bukka – Leather Bag (Subscribo gift) I LOVE!

Hand wrap – Tyranny – part of Wrecked (I can’t find the store anymore. If anyone knows where it is please be so kind and tell me! :))