“… please let me meet Rudolph on Christmas eve!”

This isn’t really a gorean post but since it’s christmas.. who cares?

This awesome photo prob is from Battle! and completely free. I guess it will only be up until christmas. Also if we turn a blind eye to it we could also let it be a.. uhmm.. tabuk!

And this outfit is so super duper uber cute that I had to post it. So dont blame it on me, blame it on this ‘wrap me up’-outfit by Eclectic! If you’re a kajira and you are going to be online on christmas then I find you could wear this as a camisk, but only cause it’s christmas of course!

I was told with ‘Mon Cheri’ by lamb I look like an elf  -_-‘  Soooo it’s perfect for this post, right?? The boots are from Berries Inc. by the way and of course, like everything in this post (except the hair) totally free!

Merry Christmas 🙂

Love, Em ♥