[Ugh, first of all: Im sorry for being too lazy (and if not lazy then busy) to blog. There’s been a lot going on RL and there will be more to come. But when I checked my Mails earlier I saw that people still comment on my blog, giving me positive feedback and that kinda motivated me to post. ]

I’m a sucker for boobies right now. Not that way! Nuh. No, but I tend to running around with bare boobs lately. I think it kinda brings out the slavish style because I also look really pantherish at the same time which makes people confuse me with one (I am owned by a tribe btw).


Bottom – Feral Design – part of La Fringe

Necklace – Miel – Friendo Necklace (last 50l Friday)

Collar  – Happy Tantrum – Unlocked Collar

Blood – Ripped – Bloody Girl

Hair – Elikatira – Wish


Love, Em