HT – Bag Lady

So this outfit is meant for she-urts but can also be worn by other roles.

When I first put on this ‘Bag Lady’ I was literally flashed by the huge number of bags, pouches, nets, lamps, and so on. The backpack is a huge sack filled with everything you can imagine, which can really enhance your roleplay!

And the lamp that you carry to lighten the way is just adorable. And this outfit comes with 30 (!) pieces. There’s also an complete different color you can wear, i.e. it’s like two outfits, the one you see above and a orangish knitted one. Awesomeness.

Looking at the Bag Lady you can really see that the clothing Happy Kuhn designs is high quality.


HT – Albatros

Hair – Aleida – Wippy (FREE!)


This outfit you might aswell already know in it’s older form as it was revisited too.  Albatros always fascinated me as it looks just flashing and gives you the impression of a proud and fierce huntress somewhere deep in the jungles.

You can also decide if you want to wear the bracers with/without feathers and there are three versions of the chest part, so as all the Happy Tantrum creations this is another high quality set of clothing!

If this made you curious, take this tarn right to Happy Tantrum!

Love, Em