Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Belleza Venus Mesh Body


I have disappeared for little over a year from Second Life – being back for a week I have already returned to the same addiction status *sighs*

And suddenly Mesh Bodies are available! I hesitated at first, not sure if they’d be worth the hype BUT after jumping into a few demos I understood. I chose Belleza Venus as I wear a Belleza Skin and didnt want the hustle with appliers. And damn – look at the boobs! Still I am not sure how to get my usual skin details like my two Brands and temporary bruises working – does anyone have a solution for that?? I’d be glad to hear!

When I left last year I did so because somehow I felt like SL Gor had died. Returning now I expected the same BUT to my surprise I’ve had an incredible time at Valkyrie Forest, Village of Gimli and the surrounding sims. They are busy and have some great roleplayers. If you need some fun, go there. I am sure we’ll meet! 🙂

Love, Em ♥


Body – Belleza – Venus Mesh Body

Skin – Belleza – Shyla Dark Tan

Hair – Boon – Cornrows Hairbase & DIS379

Ear Piercing – Creator: Ayla Janick – Ear Claw Bone

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Necklace – .Shi – Paintstone Necklace Mesh

Armbands – Sweet Lies – Aysel

Hip Wrap – PFC – Fundoshi (@The Secret Affair)

Rope around Chest – -ADI- – Hunter’s Spoil Belt (Check out the Store! Great RP Items)