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Micro Fur

Snapshot_014This has been by far my most favorite outfit in the last year. Literally. If you ever find me in SL Gor, I’m probably going to wear this. Let alone the body paint is to die for.  Do not ask why I haven’t posted it earlier, it definitely deserves the attention.


Hair – Lelutka – Cachet

Outfit – GSpot – Micro Fur


Leather and Fur

Snapshot_007Back to Nirans Viewer for Photos. You like?


Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Necklace – Luas – Regina

Bracelets – Luas – Melitta

Outfit – Simply – Wild One ( 70L Gorean Room!)

Introducing [Auma]

I got to visit this store because I was checking the Twisted Thursdays participants and was positively surprised. Auma is still a rather small store, but the few pieces the creator Jet (Resident) made so far are really cute. She creates gorean clothes for the female gender, so bonds, kajirae, outlaws and Free Women, which is good for us – chickas of Gor 😉 Here is a preview of two of her soon to be released goods:

  Auma –   Kaelyn /  Kaelu  / Pookie (Also in MM! Target is 50, so hurry)

So let’s suport Jet so she can expand because personally, I want to see more of her clothes! 🙂

Tabuk to Auma 

Smells like Spring

It’s beautiful weather here today and I’d love to run around outside all day long. But meh, im not that motivated right now, at least not in that ‘lets go outside’- way.

So I thought I’d post something spring-ish today and when I hopped to Happy Tantrum I found this outfit the creator designed for the Ultimate Designer Challenge and I find it awesome.

I like the bright colors and the imagination of loose, sheer fabric. And it also reminds me of a tiffany lamb my grandma used to have and thats not neccesarily a negative thing.

So I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Em ♥


Hair – Elikatira – Just

Outfit – Happy Tantrum – UDC 29


I did it, I did it! Once again a creative-phase rushed down on me and I felt like trying to build. I never ever built before and If I tried I usually failed too. But this time I searched the marketplace and read about the basic building skills and look what I made:

I made the Belt and the Arm thingie myself – my first outfit, so dont judge 😉

Also I found a free pack of sculpty belts on the marketplace and lots for great free textures, its really worth to look through the pages for a while.

I also got a pair of prim feet finally as its getting summer in the fields of Cardonicus and I can no longer find any excuse to not try them out. So I looked for cheap ones, also on the marketplace. Those are by Abi Latzo of Abi’s and you can look at them here.

They come with two versions, changeable skin with easy HUD and also toe rings that I hid cause Im not a fan of those.

And look at the picture above – even in SL women cant get rid of cellulitis 😀

Love, Em♥

’cause I say so.

Excuse me Ladies and Gentlemen. I was kinda.. well, gone and didnt post a lot or actually nothing the last weeks. This one begs your forgiveness! 😉

The picture above shows one of my favourite outfits lately. If you read the Elements Blog you might have already seen the Stole from RunRuno on Cora, who made me buy it and its totally worth it! And that hair is my new fav hair aswell, at least for now. It’s from Maitreya – Amber and even tho it’s pretty old and I think I tried the demo a dozen times I suddenly liked it. Bought.

This is one of the three ‘Kissable Camisks’ from Silk Worms. Do I look kissable in it? Huh? Huh?! Thank you! *blushes* 😛 (If you noticed I drank to much coffee, so please excuse my hyperness!) I guess I look even more kissable if I tell you that its out for 30L until today midnight :O

See you soon


Hair – Maitreya – Amber

Top – RunoRuno – Stole

Pants – Knickknack – Mildred ripped pants

Camisk – Silk Worms – Kissable

Necklace – Sweet Poison – Talisman Necklace



Hair – BooN – Luv205

Outfit – May’s Soul – Taluna

Necklace – Fantasia – Bina Necklace (fairy hunt gift)

Face Paint  – Tres Blah – Wanna be cool