Queen of the Woods

Snapshot_008GSpot has really good designs. Especially their Micro Fur outfit hit me. I barely ever take it off.


Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Crown – GSpot – Queen of the Woods

Face Paint – Thistle Do – Palm Streak

Body Paint – Handverk – Sigi Body Paint

Outfit – GSpot – Queen of the Woods


Love, Em♥


Mix and Match

Mix and Match

WordPress seems to have some serious Uploading-Problems today. And the pictures look somehow blurry. Sowee.



Hair – Lelutka – Lillian

Headband – Vigo – Forest Diadem

Necklace – May’s Soul – Regina (50% Crazy Sale)

Belly Chain – Soedara – Dimije Harem Girl (50% off in brown)

Skirt – Luas – Odisea (50% Crazy Sale)



Enjoy, Em♥

Wild Winter

Hello lovlies,

I’ve left you. I know.. But I’m spontaneously posting two winter outfits. Winter is so freakin’ difficult to style, especially when you run around naked most of the time in all other seasons. But well, here we go:




Hair – Dela – Alicia

Head band – Vigo – Forest Pearls (50% Anniversary Sale!)

Vest – dollle – Fur Long Vest Coat

Pants – KnickKnack – Mildred (dollarbie)

Boots – Coco – Suede Boots (group gift)

Armband – Sweet Poison – Avery Accessory Pack





Hair – Lelutka – Vent (group gift!/ No joining fee)

Top – Connors – Felt Cape 

Pants – KnickKnack – Mildred (dollarbie)

Belt&Armband – Sweet Poison – Avery Accessory Pack


Love, Em ♥

Fall Sunrays

Its a beautiful autumn here in Germany, but I cant enjoy as I caught a cold. Pft. Well, at least I get some time to blog then.



Hair – Elikatira – Details

Top – Maitreya – Sarong Top

Skirt – Fantasia – (Part of) Woven

Bracelets – Returned Karma (Cant find updated LM) – Growls Girls



Wonderful Weekend!


Just for Fun

Have a lovely week!

I am back!

SECRET TIP: The greatest Deal for Prim Feet!!!!

OLD WORLD is a store founded by Katrina Kristan and I actually stumbled across is on the Marketplace. She has her outfits online for Promotion Prices so you can easily try out her creations. And so far I like what I see! And the furniture and other stuff she makes is really really good and high Quality (Check it out. Now.)


OLD WORLD online


Hair – Elikatira – Break

Outfit – Old World – Plain Girl


RIP my bestie Notebook

So yes, it’s official, my laptop died of serious brain injuries. So I wont be posting and I wont be in SL for I dont know how long, until I can afford a new one. You know the poor life of a student can be hard, huh 😉


Sooo best wishes to all of you and see you soon